One Hundred Melodies of Solitude, No.193 and No.194 (B) by Linling Lu were included in the Microsoft Art Collection in 2021.

"Linling Lu And David Brown both gravitate towards a minimalist aesthetic, paring down their artworks to the most essential elements of color, line, and shape. Lu’s canvases reflect subtle or discordant thrums of music, vibrations which take on the shape of concentric colored bands. Browns strives for the “personal and organic” in his paintings, often accomplishing his large pieces in gridded series that, when installed together, create a larger impact. The Microsoft Art Collection is proud to include artworks by both Lu and Brown, based in Washington, D. C. and Baltimore, respectively."

-- Microsoft Art Collection
One Hundred Melodies of Solitude, No.193One Hundred Melodies of Solitude, No.194 B