1700 Broadway is a classic Midtown Manhattan property that has undergone a multimillion-dollar modernization catering to progressive tenants, including tech, financial services, and legal users. Rockpoint hired architecture firms Fogarty Finger and BR Design Associates to reimagine the asset’s prebuild program to highlight Central Park and Hudson River views, generous slab-to-slab ceiling heights, and high-end reception and pantry areas. The revamped property offers multiple state-of-the-art prebuilt spaces for potential tenants, including units on floors 22, 31, 34, and 40. The property also features a Fogarty Finger-designed private amenity space for tenants named the 1700 Broadway Club. The 10,000 square foot club features a bar with a liquor license, quiet workstations, meeting rooms and event spaces and a 2,200-square-foot rooftop terrace on the 12th floor of the building. The lobby renovation, completed in December 2021 and led by Gensler, includes a modernized entry portal, terrazzo flooring, restored travertine walls, a new destination dispatch elevator system, and artwork by Robert Swain and Linling Lu.